Outsourced Mortgage Processing: (Secure)

Product Security Overview | Data Center Features


SecureNever worry about the security of your client’s information again.
Ensure that your company adheres to all required compliance and industry best practices

Security is top priority with our loan origination software. We understand that the integrity of your clients data is critical to your success and compliance as a company. Obtaining, manipulating, and eventually storing your client’s data throughout the loan process must be done in a way that will ensure you meet all compliance requirements. Atlos was designed to address these types of security concerns head on.

The mortgage procesing software is hosted inside of Venyu which is a tier four data center. Tier four data center have multiple active power and cooling distribution paths, redundant components, fault tolerant, 99.995% availability. This is the highest classification on data centers possible

-Loan knows that the needs of individual players throughout the life of a loan may vary. Our solution is flexible enough to be adapted to the specific business policies and internal procedures you have may setup currently to keep your information secure throughout the life of the loan in your workflow. Our electronic document management software can ensure that your document data is secure and follows required best practice compliant standards.

The advantages to utilizing a web based loan organization software are many and we want our clients to take advantage of these benefits. while maintaining a secure environment for their loan data. to secure your data Atlos utilizes a custom internet browser that is proprietary of our software This internet browser is the only browser that will display loan origination software. The browser authenticate itself with our server using an embedded passkey, before any web pages can be displayed. The Software also employs Trace securities to audit the security of our Networks. Trace securities perform both application testing and penetration testing every year. E-Loan uses secure SSL for all our web traffic. Most impotently we provide the highest uptime to our clients through our hosting provider.

99.995% uptime
More advanced security, redundancy and uptime than internal capabilities
Software secured within custom authenticated browser
Database and Document Encryption
Onsite and Remote backup
Secure SSL For All Web Traffic
Hosted Inside of a Tier IV Datacenter
Highest Level Of Security and Redundancy
Flexible software can be customized to your best practices internal policies

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