Outsourced Mortgage Processing (Fast)

FastImport your loan data from any Loan Software, or create a 1003 from scratch.
Receive Documents with a uniquely assigned Email and Efax, or digitally upload.
Send Documents using Web Faxing, and Encrypted Emailing (no bulky attachments).
Inet-Loan uses Barcode Recognition for automated indexing of Documents.
Automated email notifications for received documents, status changes and more.
Annotate, Extract, Compile, Delete, Rotate, Sort, and Re-Order pages.
Inet-Loan is a Permission Based system with control for all functions, and loan access.
Create Unlimited Users for your entire staff (Originator, Processor, Underwriter).
Much More available with E-Loan Processing and Document Management Solutions.
E-Loan loan origination software can be integrated directly into any mortgage companies existing website. Lenders can instantly provide paperless mortgage processing solutions to their partners for loan file delivery.

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