Inet-Loan Processing: A High Powered Low Cost Solution, Built To Automate Loan Processing And Reduce Cost And Risk

A High Powered Low Cost Solution, Built To Automate Loan Processing And Reduce Cost And Risk

Inet- Loan Processing:  Faster, Easier,  More Secure and Cost Effective.

Over the last 15 years mortgage companies and banks have witnessed the mass automation of the mortgage loan process. Automation started in the early 90’s with the advent of the “Loan Origination System”. The core features of the loan origination system allowed for the entry and storage of all the loan applicants data that was required to fill the loan application, and the loan disclosures that were necessary to provide to the applicant.The internet further allowed these loan origination systems, to communicate with 3rd party service providers. Requests for credit information, automated underwriting, and many other services could all be transacted through this software. One common theme amongst the loan origination systems is that they primarily satisfy loan origination which is only part of the entire loan processing workflow.

Why Inet-Loan?

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I-net-Loan is a completely web-based software application designed to streamline the entire mortgage loan process. Inet-Loan provides more features than the competition, while taking a consolidated approach to fulfilling the entire loan processing workflow through one easy to use web-based Loan OriginationLoan Processing and Document Management Solution.   With Inet-Loan we create an electronic loan file and deliver it to anyone in the world, without having to recreate a customer within a separate document management solution. Inet-Loan will be one of the only software solutions that provide loan originationloan processingdocument management, and electronic signature for you and your customers.

Inet-Loan also offers customers ancillary, value-added features, including: integrated conference and soft phone solution; integrated payroll; integrated calendars and customizable contacts; internal messaging solution, including company-wide message boards; real-time loan reports; and fraud alert.

The biggest problems seen by mortgage companies and banks, are not within the actual software technologies available, but within the lack of consolidation of these software technologies.To accomplish automating the entire loan processing workflow, many mortgage companies and banks must utilize 2-3 different software solutions. This in itself causes inefficiencies.

Hosted Document Management solutions have become more widely utilized by the mortgage and banking industry over the last 5 years. Advancements in this technology have allowed mortgage companies and banks to further streamline the loan processing workflow.

A mortgage loan transaction can consist of hundreds of pages of paper. Complications with processing paper loans are quite prevalent. Maintaining the paper loan files after closing also creates inefficiencies that are limited to a certain footprint available within the typical office space. Creating electronic loan files immediately solves these complications, while at the same time allowing companies to realize cost savings through the elimination of paper, toner, courier costs, off site storage, and more.



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