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The one niche that can help differentiate you from the competition is service!

This is where you truly have the best opportunity to establish an added-value niche that will bring home the highest returns. If you can provide something other than price or product that helps your partners grow their businesses or eases your clients’ fears and concerns, they will see your value as the key to the relationship. Key Points How to avoid the niche trap Turn the question around and determine the client’s need Don’t pigeonhole yourself with products or technology Make good service your niche Communicate proactively with clients and partners Provide marketing support to grow partners’ businesses   Think about what you offer clients and partners in terms of communication, operations and marketing support. Communication and operations go hand-in-hand. If your processes keep clients informed about the status and progress of their loans, you will keep them happy and even free up time to do other things that bring in revenue. Proactive communication with Realtors or other referral sources will make their lives easier and more productive as well and can prevent them from calling you and putting you in a reactive position, which is never to your advantage. There is also a big movement today to use phones and live chat to access underwriters for loan tracking, which can speed up service. This is becoming a big point in sales for wholesale account executives working with brokers, in that brokers now have access that they have been denied for a long time. Brokers can then turn this around as an added-value niche that they can tout to their clients and partners. Marketing is the final added-value niche that you can likely offer your referral partners. By providing marketing support to partners, you help promote them, which will generate more business for them and more referrals for you. Marketing support is the key to establishing a firm client relationships, but it requires effort on your part to know what your partners need. You also must have the technology in place to generate high-quality marketing programs. •  •  • Partner with us today and provide the highest quality customer service available!

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